Hello Sophie!

Well, this is Paul for my 2nd ever blog post.  My first was two years ago at Maddux’s birth and it was the most viewed blog we ever had…must be my writing style.

We arrived at the hospital yesterday morning at 7:30 and got situated.  They began administering some penicillin because Samm was positive for Strep B (you moms know what I mean by that).  At 9:00 they measured her (3cm) and began the Pitosin so that she would go into labor.  Well, by 1:00 she was only 4cm and was having mild contractions.  They upped the dosage and at 2:00 she was at 5cm.  That’s when Betsy (Samm’s mom) arrived.  By 2:30 Samm was at 8cm and it was go time.  Apparently she had been waiting on her mom to get there.

She started pushing at 2:30 and things went pretty fast, 30 minutes fast.   She came out with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck twice.  That was scary.  They clamped it off and unwound it.  I include this because this may be why she hasn’t grown very much over the past weeks.  So, by 3:00 we had a new little baby girl!  Hello Sophia Lowry Poteat (aka Sophie).  She weighed exactly 6 pounds.

One highlight was getting to see Maddux and Sophie interact for the first time.  Maddux kept saying, “hold, hold”.  And “baby o-phee”.  She can’t quite get the “s” just yet.  We’re working on it.

Everything else has been fine.  Sophie fed on and off until 3:00am last night and then took a “break” until she hacked up a huge mucus ball at 10:45.  Within 5 minutes she wanted to eat and has been latched on ever since.

So, things are good.  We feel very blessed to have a healthy little girl and we have appreciated all the texts, emails, facebook comments, and phone calls.  Our plan is to head home in the morning and adjust to life with 2 kids (yikes!).  



3 responses to “Hello Sophie!

  1. so incredibly happy for you all. You know we are partial to little girls. Sophie is precious and Maddux is so big. We pray God will bless you richly as you raise these sweet girls in the Lord. Love you all.

  2. We are so happy for you all! I can’t wait to hear how life with 2 is. We will be there in just a few short months so make sure you take good notes for us! 🙂 We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Lana 🙂

  3. she’s beautiful! congrats!! have been thinking of you guys and hoping the nursing is going great this time around!

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